Schedule your COVID-19 Vaccination at Kinney Drugs in New York


Response has been tremendous and currently, all appointments in New York are BOOKED; however, additional appointments will open up as more vaccine becomes available.  We ask that you please do NOT call your local store, as they are focused on serving patients and will have no additional information.  Thank you so much for your patience!


PLEASE NOTE: If you already have an appointment with Kinney Drugs for your COVID vaccination, we already have your vaccine on hand. You're all set. Don't worry!


Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been Kinney's top priority to be there for our customers to provide the medications, supplies, and care they need. Our employee-owners remain 100% committed to supporting our communities on the front lines.


By NY State mandate, pharmacies are ONLY allowed to vaccinate those age 65+.


How do I schedule my COVID-19 Vaccination appointment at Kinney Drugs?

Once appointments open, a link will be provided below to make an appointment.  Click the link (once available) to select your preferred Kinney Drugs location and schedule your COVID-19 vaccination appointment.  Please make only ONE appointment per person. Your second dose will be scheduled by your Kinney pharmacist at your appointment for your first dose.


Please have your Driver's License and all Insurance Cards in hand to prevent delays in the scheduling process before moving forward. This includes your Medicare Part B (if applicable) and Prescription Insurance Card.


What if I need to change or reschedule my appointment?

Please use the link in your confirmation email to change or reschedule an existing appointment. If you need to change the LOCATION of your existing vaccination appointment, you MUST CANCEL your current appointment and make a new one at the desired location.



What about scheduling my second dose?

At your appointment to administer your first dose of vaccine, your Kinney Pharmacist will schedule your appointment for your second dose.



Which vaccine is Kinney Drugs administering?

Information about the Moderna Vaccine



Will there be a cost for the COVID-19 Vaccine?


Do I need to bring anything with me to my appointment? 


How to prepare for your appointment!



Is there transportation available to get me to my vaccination appointment?


NY Senior Transportation Services by County





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