Blood Pressure Management - HeartSMART Club

High blood pressure is a very common health condition. While it cannot be cured, high blood pressure can be managed very effectively through lifestyle changes and medication when needed. The HeartSMART Club at Kinney Drugs brings together the ease of blood pressure monitoring at our PharmaSmart blood pressure kiosks, with the support and guidance of our pharmacists to help you keep your blood pressure under control and living heart smart for life.


As a member, you will receive:


  • A Smart Card to help track and manage your blood pressure
  • A Heart Health Report Card and pharmacist consultation
  • Exclusive savings on heart healthy products


Revolutionized Blood Pressure Tracking


Our PharmaSmart kiosks with Smart Card technology improves the way blood pressure data is managed. Simply use your personal Smart Card each time you take your blood pressure at the in-store PharmaSmart kiosk. You will receive a printout with the average of your last 10 readings. Each reading is wirelessly uploaded to a secure server online, giving you multiple ways to track your blood pressure and share the results with your family, healthcare provider or Kinney pharmacist.


Sign into your online Smart Card account now.


Ask your Kinney pharmacist for more details and how you can join our HeartSMART Club.