What's New?

Introducing: The Kinney Drugs Pharmacy Portal

As an employee-owned pharmacy Kinney’s patients are also our friends, families, and members of our communities. It is our #1 priority to serve you better! To that end, we have recently improved the pharmacy section of our website to allow quicker prescription refills and easier management of your Kinney Drugs pharmacy information. We are very excited about these changes, and we hope you will be too!



Account Verification

Kinney Drugs takes the security and privacy of your pharmacy account very seriously. To protect your information, we ask that you confirm your identity before accessing some of our new features. It’s easy and only takes a couple of minutes!


1. Referring to one of your existing Kinney Drugs prescription labels, enter in a few details such as your prescription number plus the phone number we have on file for you.

2. We will then text or call (your choice) this number with a PIN (Personal Identification Number).

3. Enter the PIN provided to verify your identity.


The process only takes a few minutes, and allows you to safely access many of the new features of the Kinney Drugs pharmacy portal.


Note: Please be sure to use the phone number we have on file in the pharmacy. If you have questions, feel free to call and stop by your local Kinney Drugs.


Verified Refills

Following verification, you will be provided new features within the Kinney Drugs pharmacy portal, including a new refill process. Once you are verified, we can show you details that go well beyond the guest refill (see below). By selecting the "My Refills" tab, you can see all of your Kinney Drugs refills and their status.


Refilling a prescription is a simple three-step process:


1. Select the prescription(s) you would like to refill. (Yes, you can refill multiple prescriptions at once!) You can even view details of each prescription. We will let you know which prescriptions are eligible for refill.


2. Next, select your pickup and delivery options, and submit your order to be refilled. You can change the date and time of your pickup to fit you schedule. You can even schedule a free prescription delivery (which will be delivered to the address we have on file).


3. Finally, you can confirm the details of your prescription order and send it off to the pharmacy. It's that easy!

Access Your History & Order Status

Need to know if your prescription is ready to pick up? How about all of the refills you've sent to Kinney this year? We have you covered. Within the new pharmacy portal, just click on the "Order Status" tab to see the progress of your pending prescriptions, the details of those prescriptions, and the estimated cost. Need more history? Click on the "Rx History" tab to see all of your prescription information for the year.

Sign Up for Automatic Refills

Who doesn't like saving time? New on Kinney Drugs pharmacy portal, we make it easy to set up your maintenance prescriptions to renew automatically. Simply click on the "Automatic Refills" button from the "My Pharmacy" tab to find out which prescriptions are eligible for automatic refill. Once selected, your prescriptions will be set to automatically refill at your Kinney pharmacy!

Refill as a Guest

We understand. Sometimes, quick and easy is the way to go. If you choose not to verify your information, you can still refill your prescriptions online. We've made some exciting changes to our refill process. By entering in the phone number provided on your precription bottle along with the Kinney Drugs store and refill number(s), you can quickly send your prescriptions to Kinnney Drugs. Using the new guest refill process, you can enter in several prescriptions at the same time. We will even let you select a pickup date and time that works best for you!