Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I earn tHRiVPoints?

For every $1 spent at Kinney Drugs on eligible items, you will earn 1 tHRiVe point (see exclusions below).


Q:  What items are excluded from earning tHRiVPoints?

By regulation and local law, points cannot be earned on purchases of: alcohol; tobacco; stamps; phone/prepaid/gift cards; money orders/transfers; transportation passes; lottery tickets; charitable donations; pharmacy prescriptions (NY only). In Vermont only, prescriptions earn 20 points each.


Q:  What items can I spend Kinney Cash on?

By regulation and local law, Kinney Cash cannot be spent on purchases of: alcohol; tobacco; stamps; phone/prepaid/gift cards; money orders/transfers; transportation passes; lottery tickets; charitable donations; pharmacy prescriptions. All other items are eligible to use Kinney Cash on. Kinney Cash is an AUTOMATIC $2 DEDUCTION on your next purchase, similar to a Kinney Coupon. A member cannot pick and choose when to utilize the deduction. The deduction can not be used as a “cash back” option and can only be applied to transactions that are $2 or more.


Q:  Why do you need my phone number or email? uses the tHRiVe card account # and the shopper’s phone/email to validate their identity to setup an account. As the program continues to grow, members will be able to receive digital coupons and special offers via email. With a linked phone number, members will have the ability to enter their number at the register if they do not have their card readily available.


Q:  We only have one phone number for our household, but two people utilizing it. What do I do?

Unfortunately, a phone number can only be linked to ONE tHRiVe Rewards card. If two people in the same household are utilizing the same card, the second person will have the ability to have any cashier at any location enter in the phone number that is linked to the account right at the register. 


Q:  How do I become a Platinum member? What additional benefits do Platinum shoppers receive?

A member becomes platinum once you earn 1,000 points within a rolling 52-week period. Platinum Members receive the following benefits:

o   20% off Premier Value

o   $2 Kinney Cash for every 100pts earned

o   Exclusive offers for Platinum only (direct to card & via email)


Q:  How do I see my tHRiVpoints?

Cumulative total points and points by transaction are shown on both the bottom of the receipt and on Members can create a unique login with their information and tHRiVe Rewards number on our website above. We encourage members to visit the website, click “Create New Account” on the top right corner, and explore!


Q:  I know I had more points than this – can you fix this?

If there is an issue with a your tHRiVe points, please bring the discrepancy to your local store team. They will get your member information and the discrepancy, contact our internal help line, and reach out to rectify the missing points.


Q:  These Sweepstakes are great! How do I enter?

Sign up for your handy dandy tHRiVe Rewards card today! We will draw from all tHRiVe card members after the program ends on 9/30. Visit for more information regarding the Terms & Conditions!


Q:  Why doesn’t my new tHRiVe card come with key tags?

With Kinney’s new point-of-sale system, customers can now look up their tHRiVe Rewards account by phone number. In addition, our mobile app (which we expect to launch late this year) will enable our customers to load a virtual card that can be scanned by the cashier. Shortly thereafter, tHRiVe cards will be included in Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.